Fresh summer roll €5,65
Prawns and pork, lettuce, herbs & vermicelli rice noodles, wrapped in rice paper served with a cashew dipping sauce.
Edamame €4,80
Steamed and sautéed soybeans sprinkled with spicy vinegar salt.
Cuencos asiáticos €6,45
Make your own wraps with cool lettuce cups and a bowl of stir-fried minced pork with ginger, chilli and scallions served with homemade nuoc cham (vietnamese fish sauce).


Crispy vietnamese stuffed spring roll, served with lettuce and nouc cham (vietnamese fish sauce).

Pork Nems €5,10
Tofu Nems €5,10


Vietnamese noodle salad

Fresh vermicelli noodles served at room temperature accompanied with bean sprouts, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, fried onions, mint, coriander, chopped cashew nuts and nuoc cham (vietnamese fish sauce).

Bún bò - beef €9,65
Bún gà - chicken €9,65
Bún nem - tofu €9,65
Bún rau - vegetables €9,40


Traditional vietnamese soup

The national vietnamese dish, a flavoursome one bowl meal with flat rice noodles and slowly cooked homemade broth. Served with a side of bean sprouts, onion, coriander, lime, fresh chilli, and mint.

Pho bò - beef €9,85
Pho gà - chicken €9,85
Pho - vegetable €9,30


Vietnamese curry with vegetables and tofu

A mild vietnamese curry with vegetables and tofu, ginger, lemongrass, carrot, onion, coconut milk and curry spices, served with white rice.

Chicken curry €11,65
Vegetable curry €11,55

Fried rice dishes

Fried rice with soy sauce, snow peas, zucchini, carrot, egg and spring onion.

Fried rice - beef €9,40
Fried rice - chicken €9,40
Fried rice - vegetables €9,40
Phorrito €9,40
A flour tortilla wrap that has beef, rice noodles, chives, onions, bean sprouts, mint, coriander, hoisin sauce and lime accompanied with a taster of pho broth.
White rice €2,35
French fries €3,00


Rice pudding €5,35
Coconut and condensed milk rice pudding with seasonal fruit.
Tapioca €5,35
Sweet tapioca pudding with coconut milk, condensed milk, grated coconut, banana and sugar.


Mojito / Caipirinha €4,30
Caipiroska €5,45

Bottled beer
Singha, Saigon, Tiger €3,65
Coronita €3,65
BunBo IPA €4,30 / Double malta €3,00
Alcohol free €3,00 / Gluten free €3,65

Draught Beer
small €2,80 / large €5,00

Wines & Cava
House Red. glass €3,25 / bottle €13,15
House White. glass €3,25 / bottle €13,15
House Rosé. glass €3,25 / bottle €13,15
Cava Brut Nature. glass €3,60 / bottle €16,45

Soft drinks
Coca cola, Fanta naranja, Sprite, Nestea €2,30
Red Bull €3,95

Coffee & Tea
Espresso €1,45 / Americano €1,65 / Cortado (macchiato) €1,65 / Coffee with milk €1,80 / Black tea €2,00 / Infusion tea €2,20